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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Witchblade #124

Witchblade #124 came out shortly after my last visit to B&M Amusement, but I couldn't wait to see what happened next after the last scene in issue 123. Therefore, I stopped by the comic book store on my way to see Coraline, and got it. And, as usual, it was great.

Starting with the awesome cover, this issue is packed with sweet artwork by Stjepan Sejic, the regular artist on the series who keeps delivering month after month. I remember him saying he couldn't wait to prove everyone wrong about him not being able to draw the book monthly, and so far he's been doing exactly that. Perish the naysayers!

Ron Marz's script is, once again, a great read that offers compelling characters and the most realistic dialogue I have ever read in a comic book. As for the story itself, ish 124 serves as an epilogue for the Crown Heights story arc that does indeed continue the aforementioned last scene from Witchblade #123 with unexpected results and soon-to-come cataclysmic consequences.

This book sets the stage for the War of the Witchblades storyarc we've all been dying to read, and that will begin next month with issue 125. And if you haven't been dying to read it, it means you haven't been following the best ongoing series out there, buddy. So it's about time you paid attention and started buying Witchblade. You will make both Top Cow and yourself really, really happy.


Halagan said...

Grrrr.... Siguen pasando los meses, siguen saliendo los números de Witchblade, y yo sigo aquí sin leerlos. En fin, ya me pondré al día. Pero tú, Fel, ya podías solidarizarte un poco conmigo y dejar de poner apetitosas reviews y eso, ¿eh?

finn5fel said...

Hahaha. Lo único que quiero es que Top Cow nos vuelva a mencionar en su blog. Eso, y ponerte los dientes largos, hehehe. Y tener algo de que hablar, que esto del posteo diario tiene sus rigores ;)

Halagan said...

Ya, hombre, ya. Estaría bueno encima.

Ya nos avisarás si hay mención de la supervaca.

finn5fel said...

La supervaca, hahaha. Os mantendré informados. Cuando vaya a San Diego me dejaré caer por la granja a ver si les suena el blog, hehehe.

Nash said...

Dejales un curriculum con algunos bocetos por si necesitan gente.

finn5fel said...

Quiero hacer varias paginillas para llevármelas conmigo. Lo que tengo que hacer es dejarme de rollos y terminarlas!

finn5fel said...

Y una vez más, nos citan en el blog de Top Cow :)