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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

TI: Missing Underwear

"Terra Inkognita" is a 15-page story I drew to practice my storytelling. The pages and panels are designed to tell a story without words. I wanted to see if I was able to do it, and the result is here for you to judge. A few people seem to have gotten it, so I guess i've done something right. In the unlikely event somebody reads this, please feel free to check out the pages without reading my stupid summaries on the side, and drop me a line telling me what you think is going on. There won't be any prices or rewards, but you'll have my eternal gratitude.
I'm posting the story backwards, so it'll appear in chronological order on the blog, so, at this point in time (sorry, Mr. King), I've uploaded the second and third scenes. I don't think I'll upload the first scene today (I'm off to see The Da Vinci Code), so, if you see the following pages before there's anything else here, you know what this is all about. And if you speak Spanish, enjoy the silly exchange. Of course, I can't take myself seriously.

Terra Inkognita 8

This is the first page of the second scene. Ka is meeting Fel, an old friend of hers, to try to make sense of the weird stuff that just transpired. Fel seems to be some kind of expert in all things alchemic, so he might be able to lend a hand and figure this out. Maybe...

Terra Inkognita 9

Ka tells Fel what's been going on earlier that day. It is a weird story, but Fel believes his friend. He probably wants to get in her pants anyway...

Terra Inkognita 10

Third and last page of the second scene. It looks like Fel is going to crack the code... Sorry, wrong story.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Terra Inkognita 11

The first page of the third scene. Fel is in his lab (or tha fantasy equivalent to such room), running some tests on that freaky jar. Little does he know he's become the target of a mysterious assassin, sent by we-don't-know-who to get we-don't-know-what. Or do we? At any rate, he's about to get a run for his money.

Terra Inkognita 12

Fel hears something... Is it her heart? Maybe there was a little branch on the floor. At any rate, it's time to go find a weapon to fight the curvy assassin. I have the feeling he wouldn't like her to tie him up...

Terra Inkognita 13

Well, there you have an action sequence with our unlikely hero, Fel, kicking some sort of butt. You could also say he's ridiculously lucky.
My friend Nacho asked me how it was possible he ripped her mask but didn't scratch her face, and I don't really have a good answer to that. Maybe she dodged right on time, but not quite.

Terra Inkognita 14

The mask is off! Now good old Fel is in serious trouble...

Terra Inkognita 15

This is the last page of the third scene. I haven't drawn anything else after this, even though I have a couple of ideas about what could be coming next.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Weapons Master

Ryld Argith, the one and only Weapons Master of Menzoberranzan... at least, during the time period the War of the Spider Queen books take place. A good friend of mine pointed out Splitter should be way bigger that what I drew; and, as usual, he's right. Hope you like it anyway!