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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dead Space

I had seen the trailer for Pandorum only once, and back then it struck me as very similar to Dead Space, the Electronic Arts game I was playing a few months ago. It combined horror and sci-fi, and I found myself irresistibly attracted to such a proposition.

Pandorum, starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, unveils its mysteries slowly and keeps the tension and the suspense building from beginning to end. By the time you get to the final scene you think you know some things, but I doubt you will be right about all of them. (I sure wasn't.) The movie kept me guessing the whole time, and even though the first and third acts are vastly superior to its weaker and more unoriginal second one, it still was a fun time at the movies. And did I mention that Antje Traue looks crazy hot as the badass Nadia? Just one more reason to go open this box.

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