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Monday, September 21, 2009

Skip This Movie!

I. Reasons why you should not see The Informant!:

1. It isn't funny. At all. Which is weird, since that's what the preview leads you to believe. But this, my friends, is not -repeat, not a comedy.

2. The characters aren't compelling. As it happens, they aren't even likeable. The closest I came to liking anybody was the two FBI agents, and they were still kind of scumbaggish.

3. It is too long. Even though it is only 1h 48 minutes long, it felt twice that long. That was probably because…

4. The pace is too slow, and the movie is very repetitive. The premise of the film keeps being played time and again and again and again ad nauseam.

5. And last but not least, the movie is plain boring. Really, really boring.

II. Reasons why you should see The Informant!:
Hmmm… Because Matt Damon is a good actor? Because every other movie at your local multiplex is sold out? Because you couldn't make it on time to see Whiteout? Hey, that one sounds familiar...


Nash said...

Tien buena pinta, y como dices no es muy larga, perfecta para las copias de seguridad.

finn5fel said...

Es una porquería, así que no hace falta que la preserves para futuras generaciones, que no se pierden nada. Atento, eso sí, al resto de películas del fin de semana :)