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Monday, September 14, 2009


I went to see 9 last Friday, and it turned out to be 79 minutes of goodness. Directed by Shane Acker and produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov, 9 is based on a short film by Acker that I have never seen but that I hope is included on the DVD, because I am sure going to get it when it comes out.

Even though the story is not exactly original, it is presented in a fresh new way, with stunning visuals, exciting ideas, and boundless energy, and it all comes together with a cool soundtrack and solid voice acting by Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau, Crispin Glover, John C. Reilly, and Christopher Plummer. I liked all the different characters, with their different personalities and individualized designs. I liked 7's helmet and shield, 8's blades (made with scissors and nails), 6's fingers, and 3 and 4's special eyes. And, needless to say, the burlap heroe's nemeses were awesome in a very creepy way. That snake that ensnared its prey by putting on a puppet show? Amazing stuff! And what about the flying creature? True greatness. 9 is eye-candy at its best, but it is also a fun story and a terrific ride I recommend everyone. How could you not like this movie?


Nash said...

Desde que vi el trairle de esta peli esta en mi punto de mira, una pena que no podamos disfrutar de las voces de los dobladores originales, ya que tampoco las reconoceria. Por cierto no me an admitido en la escuela oficial de idiomas, por el sorteo, asi que otro año más sin aprender ingles :-(

finn5fel said...

Vaya! Siento que no te hayan admitido, aunque el sistema me pilla por sorpresa. ¿Lo hacen por sorteo?

Nash said...

Hacen por soteo el entrar, y la gente que se puede presentar a la prueba de nivel, en ingles, el resto de idiomas que tiene menos demanda no lo se.

finn5fel said...

Curioso. Seguro que no lo haven así con otros idiomas menos populares. No creo que haya tortas para aprender sueco, por ejemplo.

Nash said...

Ya pero el sueco solo te sirve para ligar con suecas, para poco más, no hay libros ni pelis ni cosas chulas que ver. Tambien podria aprender chino...

finn5fel said...

Cosas chulas en sueco:

1. Suecas. (Y esta categor´´ia deber´´ia bastar.)

2. Gyllene Tider

3. Per Gessle

4. Los libros de tu amigo Stieg Larsson, y la peli basada en el primer libro.

5. M´´as suecas.

Hala. A aprender sueco todo el mundo!