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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Megan's Body

Why did I go see Jennifer's Body? Well, Megan Fox is unbelievably hot, and this was obviously a vehicle (a non-transforming one) for her to showcase her acting and, well… her incredibly amazing looks. Also, the movie was written by Academy award winner Diablo Cody, and it looked a lot more interesting than Juno, which I've never seen. And third, the premise was actually fun: Megan Fox as a high school girl with a penchant for eating boys? What's there not to like?

As for the movie itself, well, I think I got what I was expecting and nothing else. Megan Fox is, as it's already been established, stunningly beautiful, and the story was fun but nothing to write home about. There are several good ideas, and they are neatly displayed and well developed. The "sacrifice" scene is both scary and hilarious thanks to the cavalier attitude of the knife-wielding baddie. And the snapshots alongside the end credits are very inspired too.

The dialogue is crisp and witty, but sometimes it tries too hard to be hip and sounds fake instead. Yet, for the most part, it is an accurate depiction of how high school girls talk. (Believe me, I know.)

All in all, you pretty much know what you're going to get if you want to go see Jennifer's Body, and in that sense the movie is honest and it doesn't try to fool anybody. So go check it out: even if you don't want to admit it, you know you want to.


Nash said...

Bueno otra peli que lo más seguro es que no vea en el cine. Segun parece en esta peli tambien el guion es muy profundo y la interpretación muy complicada ya que si no la amiga megan no lo cogeria.

finn5fel said...

Hahaha. Está claro que no es una obra maestra cinematográfica, tanto en lo que a guión como a interpretación se refiere. Sin embargo, Megan Fox muestra que sabe hacer algo más que correr de un lado a otro esquivando efectos especiales. Por ejemplo, muestra lo bien qué sabe enrollarse con otra chica en ropa interior. Por ejemplo.

Nash said...

Si eso esta muy pero que muy bien, pero no me convece para ir a verla al cine.

finn5fel said...

Tú mismo...