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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Adam Warren Speaks

The fifth volume of Adam Warren's hilarious series Empowered hit the stands in June. To promote the release of this awesome book (you guys should be reading this series), the author gave several interviews (one, two, and three) while letting his drawing hand rest after the punishment he inflicted on it. Adam Warren is fun to listen to, and I got a chance to meet him at the San Diego Comic Con last Friday. He drew a super quick free sketch for me, and signed the aforementioned fifth volume of Empowered (I had been waiting to get it in San Diego for this exact purpose), and a free poster I got at the Dark Horse booth. So read the interviews, and if you think the series sounds interesting, please go ahead and buy it. I can guarantee you Empowered is a trillion times better than pretty much anything on the shelves right now. It has gorgeous artwork, great stories, compelling characters, and the most outrageously amazing dialogue you will ever read, featuring about a score of obscure words and a dozen neologisms per page --a linguist's heaven!

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