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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Thoughts on Open World Games

Hace años que no escribo en inglés en el blog. La entrada de hoy es simplemente algo que escribí el otro día en un foro de videojuegos que visito a diario, y que se me ha ocurrido poner aquí también por aquello de mantener el ritmo de entradas día sí, día no. ¡Espero que lo disfrutéis!

I love open world games. I played all the Assassin's Creeds on the previous console generation, The Saboteur, Sleeping Dogs, Red Dead Redemption, Shadow of Mordor... I love how they make you feel immersed in the time and period they portray. I can't get over how great it is to see all the NPCs going about their business while you walk past them, and how you can get lost in the cities and simply walk around and find new alleys, new buildings, and new "roadside attractions" such as street performers, monks, vendors, and whatnot. I also love the fact that you can spend dozens of hours playing accomplishing a variety of goals. If you want to advance the main story, you can do that. If you feel like collecting some irrelevant group of items, you can do that. If you just want to walk around for a little while, you can do that. I find that freedom and variety very rewarding.

I love open world games so much that I often find myself wishing some developer would make an open world game based on a property I like, whether it be a book, a TV show, or a movie. In that vein, and not to hijack this thread, I would to see an open world game version of:

Dragon Ball. I love the characters and mythology of the series, but I don't really car for fighting games, which is mostly (but not exclusively, I know) the kind of game Toriyama's creation has been adapted into. I think an open world game taking place in this universe would offer lots of possibilities, and could be an incredible experience.

The Three Musketeers. How awesome would it be to have an open world game based on Dumas's undying classic? I know Assassin's Creed Unity takes place in what would essentially be the same time and place, but I'm burned out on that series and don't really want to play Unity. A Three Musketeers game, though, I would totally buy.

The Legend of Korra. I know there's already a Korra game out, but my understanding is that it is pretty much garbage. With all the great locales and characters this show has, a well-put-together open world game starring the abrasive Avatar would be amazing.

Planet of the Apes. My wife and I were rewatching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes the other night in preparation for the new movie, and I found myself thinking the San Francisco portrayed in the film reminded me a lot of The Last of Us. Immediately, the idea of playing as an ape in an open world game based on the property formed in my head, and I've been wishing someone will one day make one. Of course, then I saw the E3 Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer, and thought Oh, great, no one will make another open world game starring an ape now...

Anyway, these a just some ideas I've had, not that I can do anything to turn them into reality. If nothing else, I hope someone else reads them and finds them exciting!


Nash said...

Sí que es cierto que hacía mucho que no escribías en inglés aunque la mayoría de los que leen el blog te agradecen el esfuerzo de hacerlo en español ;-)

finn5fel said...

Pues por eso lo hago, jaja.

Halagan said...

Yo con este tipo de juegos sandbox vivo en un dilema continuo: me encanta la cantidad de posibilidades que ofrecen, así como las horas y horas que se puede pasar uno exprimiendo el juego al máximo, pero, por otro lado, me aterran tanto la cantidad de posibilidades que ofrecen, como sobre todo las horas y horas que se puede pasar uno exprimiendo el juego al máximo.

finn5fel said...

Te comprendo perfectamente, jajaja.